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UNattached: Reprogram Your Relationship Attachment Style

You are subconsciously so worried about everyone else’s opinion of you, so you say ‘no’ to things that you actually want to say YES to and yes to things you actually want to say no. 

Let me ask you, how many times have you found yourself seeking change- in love, wealth, community, or health- and it isn’t happening?

This isn't because you lack the willpower... it's your nervous system protecting you. 

This is why when you hear the words 'self-love' as the antidote to self-abandoning, it hasn't worked. 
But, my love, it's not because you are incapable of being loved so deep it rocks your freaking socks off... It's because your body (thanks to your nervous system) is stuck. 

In this 3-day immersion we're going to break you free from over-functioning, people pleasing, and over-doing, 
And propel you like a freaking rocket ship into this sexy, bold, and WILDLY confident self-honoring woman.
Walking through these practices & principles will allow you find the relaxation, the trust, the authenticity that is begging to come alive in your soul.

That aliveness that calls in the relationships that feels like honey to the soul. The aliveness that welcomes in friendships that feel like family. The aliveness that allows this magnetism to radiate from your being. 
It's time to let the world know the value that you hold, It's time take up space.  

4 Modules

Module One: Understanding Subconscious and Slaying Shame Of Repeated Patterns

Module Two: Anxious Attachment & Your personal power lies in the hands of YOUR own belief of your potential

Modules for this product 4

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