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Hey sexy pants. Welcome to our world- what are you looking to explore?

Laura Patricia Martin is a Trauma and Relationship Specialist and founder of Healing to Happy. I've helped hundreds of high-performing women around the globe heal their trauma by using unique approaches that help them tap back into their relaxation and call in the love they deeply desire (being ravished, supported, celebrated, and led by their man) without losing that savage energy that has driven them to the top of their fields.

This is a space that is taking the world by storm as it liberates the modern woman to step into her relaxed feminine energy and allows the man to step into his leadership without the triggers of their past getting in the way. We're here to change the way we date, communicate, and connect within our relationships in this modern world.

Available Products

Sacred Singlehood

Self-sabotage is just society's judgmental version of self-protection... Healing this heals your relationship dynamics

This program is not a dating program... this is the program that helps you heal your heart, resolve unhealed trauma and become an unshakable, SACRED woman that exudes strength, confidence, and magnetism.

Boundless Bonita- Starts Jan 22

Boundless Bonita is where you learn that body image does not mean self-image

In this 3-day experience, I'm taking you behind the scenes to show you the nervous system regulation tools, the day-in-the-life trauma tools, and the real and raw moments to heal body dysmorphia so you can show up as your badass boujee self. 

This isn't a masterclass- this is showing you how I think on so you can embody these practices, tools, and mindsets so you can heal faster. 

If you want to:

  • Relax about the shape of your body. You know something needs to change but you’re not even sure where to start. 
  • Uplevel your style and get comfortable being seen 
  • Learn what it actually takes to build confidence after decades of faking it
  • Learn how to navigate gaining weight/chronic illness and still show up authentically and not worry if that’s what everyone is thinking about
  •  Be IN your body so that you can have the most mind blowing s/ex 
  • Attracted the right type of attention and feel comfortable being seen  
  • Learn trauma-informed tools beyond just “mindset tricks” and affirmations

This is your jammy jam. 

I've spent the last 4 years obsessing about this.

Because I knew if I wanted Iconic success in all areas of life, I needed to dismantle the trauma that was being trapped and showing up in an abusive relationship with my body.

The confidence, knowledge, and self-trust I have now are from doing this work daily for years which has created the relationship, business, and health that are... Iconic.

The Reclamation

What you'll walk away with:

  • A step-by-step action plan for the bold woman that’s looking to soften, open her heart, and find her true love story without the triggers of her past getting in the way 
  • Live Training From A Relationship Specialist so you can ask your burning questions about leading alongside healing trauma. 
  •  A supportive community so you no longer have feel alone in your pivot (yay hype team!). During our live calls you'll get to connect with women in the chat box and meet like-hearted women on the same walk as you.  
  • ​​A new sense of alignment and trust that brings a sense of peace, trust, and healing unlike anything I've seen in the breakup and relationship space. It's time to get YOU back to feeling like yourself again. 

Bounce Back From Your Breakup

The Trauma-informed approach for quantum leaping your healing heart & remembering who the f*ck you are. 

F*ck Codependency

Whether you're in a relationship and catching yourself wondering "when the f*ck did I abandon myself?" or you're single and wanting to shift the way you do relationships so you feel SO freaking spicy, seen, & aligned this masterclass is going to give you the strategies to claim back YOUR power. Now, is the time to become devoted to your own success, growth, & dreams.

Duality: Leading With A Healing Heart

It's time to get your butt off the sidelines

I see you.. the woman that has spent so much time healing heart, body, and soul...

And now has the fire in her belly to help others.  

I see you... thinking about it, studying it, learning about it... 
And I also know that there's a little voice inside your head that whispers "but you're not fully healed yet, so what gives you the right?"

There is a reason for this.. 

Mavens Metabolism

It's time to reclaim communication & understanding of your body and truly resolve those digestive issues. 

And become the Maven of Your Metabolism.

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